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Morden's Wild and Organically Raised Meats are free range, without antibiotics, growth promoting hormones or animal by-products in our feed. Our meats are nitrate-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.
Our cooperative of local family farms supports a high animal welfare program and sustainable farming practices.
Organic Beef Organically raised
grass fed
meats have
  • fewer calories
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • more vitamins A, E and K
  • higher levels of “good” naturally occurring trans-fat (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • at least six to seven times the amount of beta-carotene
  • greater amounts of omega-3 fats and higher levels of antioxidants

Grass-finished beef is quite different from 100% grass-fed

An animal that is 100% grass fed lives its life in peace and tranquility. Many factory farms falsely identify their meat as “grass fed” even though the animal has only eaten grass for a very small portion of its life when it was very young.

That animal lives the majority of its life penned up, fed a manufactured diet designed to fatten it quickly regardless of health effects and decreased nutritional value of the end product. An animal that is 100% grass fed experiences a high animal welfare in its lifetime.

Consumers who understand the difference ask the important question – “Does the animal feed on grass 100% of its life?”

The Morden’s Difference
  • animals are naturally raised, by local farmers within a 100 mile radius of our store
  • NO Drugs, NO Animal Protein in our feed and NO Nitrates in the meat
  • processed meats are gluten & dairy-free
  • wieners and bacon are nitrate-free
Berkshire Pork Q: What does “naturally raised” mean?

The animal is raised on a small family farm and the animal’s entire life cycle is under the care and management of that one-family farm business.

Hormones are not used at any state of the animal’s development. Antibiotics are not given to the animal. Growth-promoting feed additives are prohibited, and animal by-products are never used for feed. The feed is plant-based and, in most cases, grown on the same family farm.

In addition, during processing, we do not use natural or synthetic additives, including preservatives and tenderizers. The product is minimally processed (it is simply cut, wrapped and flash frozen).

Q: What makes meat “certified organic”?

The animal is raised on a certified organic family farm. Like naturally raised, the animal’s entire life cycle is under the care and management of one family farm business. Feed is plant based, organically grown, generally on the family farm and animal by-products are never allowed.
  • no hormones or antibiotics used at any stage of the animal development
  • no growth-promoting feed additives used at anytime during the animal’s life span
  • organic vitamins and minerals used
Q: What does "pastured" mean?
  • Animal is raised on a small family farm
  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones or growth promoting feed used at any stage of the animal development
  • No animal by-products used for feed
  • Feed is grass during the active growing season. Winters are spent in the barn with free access to the outdoors whenever the animal desires. Hay is then fed instead of grass
  • Grass and hay are NEVER supplemented with grains
Naturally Fed
Our pasture raised beef comes from a local Ontario Beef Farm. The cattle are fed only the crops which are grown on the farm and are guaranteed to be 100% steroid free, antibiotic free and hormone free. The pastures and hay are organic, naturally fertilized by manure . . . and they have plenty! This is the next best thing to organic feed and helps keep the costs down.

Stress Free
The cows and nursing calves are on grass pastures during the spring and summer, then weaned in the late fall. In the winter the cows are free to roam in and out of the barn for shelter and feed, or out to the pasture for fresh air and sunshine.

Organic Beef Our Feed
Our feed consists of a hay mixture of legumes (alfalfa and clovers) as well as a number of grasses, which consist of orchard grass, timothy, reed, canary grass and brome grass. The hay is grown and harvested throughout the summer and preserved as dry hay bales or high moisture haylage.

Corn for silage is also grown on the farm. The whole plant, leaves, stalk, cobs and kernels are all used. Research shows that corn is actually grass, but has been bred to produce a grain. The whole plant is harvested and preserved by natural fermentation, corn silage. When fed to cattle this corn silage is mixed with hay or haylage to balance out a healthy ration of protein and energy. The only outsourced items are the salt and mineral blocks to which the cattle have free choice. These cattle are NOT finished off with grain!

The animals on this farm need not travel far to the abattoir causing little stress to the animals. The abattoir is a modern, sterile, provincially inspected plant that ensures humane treatment. The sides are aged for 3 weeks to tenderize for a fuller flavour and easier digestion.

This meat is packaged in environmentally friendly waxed paper – just like in the old days!
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