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Morden's Wild and Organically Raised Meats are free range, without antibiotics, growth promoting hormones or animal by-products in our feed. Our meats are nitrate-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.
Our cooperative of local family farms supports a high animal welfare program and sustainable farming practices.
All About Ostrich
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Ostrich meat is a very lean meat which can be prepared in ways similar to beef. It has lower cholesterol content compared to beef, chicken, lamb and turkey, with less fat than a skinless chicken or turkey.

Ostrich is high in iron and rich in protein.

Ostrich meat naturally resists harmful bacteria, according to the Canadian Ostrich Association. An ostrich's pH balance opposes contaminants, including E. coli and salmonella. To maintain this critical pH balance, ostrich processors must reduce stress during the transport and slaughter of the birds. The World Ostrich Association explains that ostriches are transported with sources of food and water, and arrive at the slaughterhouse a day before processing to de-stress from transport.

Nutrients contained in 3 oz of ostrich meat include:
  • 3.3 gm of fat
  • 3.2mg of iron
  • 79.1 mg of cholesterol
  • 23.9g of protein
  • 132 calories
As a result of its low fat content, ostrich meat cooks faster in comparison to any other meat product. So, care has to be taken not to overcook the ostrich meat so it does not become dry; for the best taste, moderate cooking is the best method. Frozen ostrich meat should be thawed before cooking to make sure that the superior worth and health benefits of the ostrich meat are retained.
Morden's Organic Farm Store - Ostrich

Morden's Organic Farm Store - Ostrich
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