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As the mass production of much of the food available today in supermarkets becomes so modified by science and technology, informed consumers are appreciating more and more the natural, organic approach to farming that was the agricultural backbone of our ancestors. But just being organic isn't enough. At Morden's, we believe in the importance of really knowing the farmers, and having a connection with them.

For over 25 years, Morden's has maintained a farm cooperative in the old fashioned way, a family of local farms working together to produce and market the healthiest food possible, thus promoting and supporting the local economy. Morden's personally visits every one of the farms annually, which are under contract to Morden's to raise their animals or grow their produce with the highest standards.

All our produce is organic, with seeds that are non-GMO. Meats and poultry are organically raised, with feed that is free of hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products. Most of the farmers, including some Mennonite and Amish, use non-GMO feed, and owner Sandy Morden is working tirelessly to get all farms on board with non-GMO feed. All protein sold in the store is clearly marked with its individual source and growing conditions.

Traditional farms use traditional methods - pasturing animals, feeding them local feed, raising them in humane conditions. These are the time honoured grassroots concepts that have always worked for them. These practices result in an animal raised in a natural environment, not under stress. The fact that modern society is now returning to these agricultural values hardly surprises them; these Southern Ontario farmers have always known and appreciated the value of natural food and sustainable agriculture.

Morden's has been on the leading edge of researching, growing, designing, producing and marketing organic and whole foods for over 25 years. Morden's farm helped pioneer the production of pastured eggs for retail sale in Ontario. We developed a line of gluten-free flour and gluten-free granola when none were available. We buy maple syrup, unpasteurized honey and organic dairy products from surrounding farms. Morden's own organic gardens provide much of the fruits and vegetables available in the Farm Store, and our gluten-free jams and pies are made with these delicious and bountiful ingredients.

The shopping experience at Morden's is top notch, with friendly, welcoming and informative staff. You'll find a relaxed, country-style atmosphere with plenty of childish distractions for the little ones, including rider toys, mini-cars and a separate, adjacent play area, located in an old renovated silo, just for them. A stroll through our animal petting area, with horses, goats, donkeys, sheep, turkeys, geese, rabbits, kittens, exotic birds and Charlie the chinchilla, will complete your visit to the Farm Store, and the farm.

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