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Morden's Wild and Organically Raised Meats are free range, without antibiotics, growth promoting hormones or animal by-products in our feed. Our meats are nitrate-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.
Our cooperative of local family farms supports a high animal welfare program and sustainable farming practices.
Morden's Excellent Farm Store Staff & Volunteers
they're all-organic!

Meet the people who will make you feel welcome on your visit to our organic Farm Store. We are committed to an organic lifestyle and are ready to help you with yours.

Morden's StaffMorden's Staff
Elisha is a great believer in the Mind/Body Connection. She believes it all stems from intestinal health or, as she happily puts it, “I love learning about the gut!”

For Elisha, achieving a healthy, balanced micro-biome is possible by incorporating foods with a high probiotic content into her healthy diet. A basic vegetarian who very occasionally eats meat, Elisha maximizes her optimal health by combining grass-fed Morden's products such as butter, cheese and kefir with enzyme containing foods such as raw honey, apple cider vinegar and, her personal favourite, pineapple.

However, as much as she enjoys pineapple, she also places an importance on supporting local foods, as the impact of outsourcing on the global environment and social policies is a personal concern. Her staples are sourced and made locally, such as Morden's apple cider vinegar.

Prebiotics are another important factor in Elisha's healthy diet. Prebiotic foods available at Morden's Organic Food Store that contain a high degree of indigestible fibres, such as kale, spinach, celery, “anything with plant fibre”, help her to maintain her weight and health goals. Elisha would love to talk to any in-store customers who have the same interests.
Lyndsay was a customer before she became an employee. She shopped at Morden's because buying local organic, as opposed to imported, was so important to her. And because, in her other job as a personal chef, her client's started to insist on it! Working at the store just seemed a natural progression.

Lyndsay started eating a Paleo diet about six years ago. "That means no grain, dairy or refined sugar. I basically eat meat, fish and veggies, with some fruit and seeds, nuts, etc." She is passionate about eating organic whole foods, and finds that eating the wild and exotic meats at Morden's compliments her eating style.

She enthusiastically lists all of her favourites when prompted. "I love venison, elk, and bison. Oh and emu! And I love the lamb too! And the fish! I've tried pretty well all of the meats here.." Lyndsay has become knowledgeable about cooking these types of meat, which contain less fat, and therefore need less cooking time. She's happy to share her expertise with anyone who might come into the store with a question.

"I love the environment here, love being surrounded by the animals." Lyndsay even loves the drive in everyday from Burlington along Highway 5.
Sandy Morden describes Gayle as “her right hand man”. Gayle has been around for over a decade, helping out with retail, wholesale, labeling, stocking, you name it.

Where Sandy really finds Gayle invaluable is in her gardening knowledge. Explains Gayle with a laugh, “I have been gardening since I was a child, and I have lots of experience."

Any vegetables grown on the farm that need to be started in the greenhouse are Gayle's responsibility. All of the produce at Morden's is Certified Organic, which means that all seeds, soils and add-ons, such as nutrients, must be 100% organic.

Gayle starts several varieties of both tomatoes and peppers, some of them heirloom, and also ground cherries. She is keen on preserving the heritage of these plants, saving the seeds to perpetuate the variety.

Gayle is fine with the label “vegetable person”, as she also helps out in the gardens once her seedlings have been transplanted. These seedlings are added to the other organic fruits and vegetables in the Morden’s garden, and sold in the Farm Store, including, strawberries, grapes, cauliflower and broccoli, onions. Organic, fair trade produce from other sources are also sold at the Farm Store. Her husband Jay also helps out at the farm, plowing and disking.

“My own acre garden is my hobby,” she asserts. She especially loves the spaghetti sauces, jams and other frozen products that she can have on hand throughout the winter. Gayle says that her two children Christian and Melanie didn’t exactly pick up the gardening bug, but her granddaughter 11-year old Kylie did.

“She’s got her own garden that she weeds and takes care of at Grandma’s!”
Jessica's retail work at Morden's Organic Farm Store is a source of great pride for her. She enjoys working with people and meeting clients. The happy mixture of new and returning customers at the Farm Store makes for an interesting work day, as she shares her enthusiasm for supporting local farmers. She leads an active, athletic lifestyle with her family, describing herself as a “mom on the go”!

“Working at Morden’s has made me more environmentally conscious, and taught me to look into what I’m purchasing for my family,” said Jessica recently.

And her family is rather famous. Here’s what the Flamborough Review had to say about her husband, oval track stock car racer Tim:
"The Middletown Road resident and his six-member pit crew have won both the Ontario Pro Challenge Racing Series and the National Pro Challenge Championships. Norris bested 65 drivers in the national championship finishing with 905 points in 10 events. Many of the other drivers failed to achieve his standing even though they had competed in 11 feature races throughout 2011.

Every year, Tim Norris donates his team’s time and the racecar as an auction item at the annual gala for Helping Hands."
Jessica and Tim have two children, Emma, 9, and Mikey, 10. They help with their dad’s racing team - Emma looks after food and logistics for the team as well as making sure the car is clean, while Mikey serves as a tire specialist. The children also enjoy visiting the organic gardens at Morden’s in their spare time.
For Georgie, working in a store that promotes healthy eating as an integral part of a healthy, active lifestyle just makes sense. She describes herself as a “conscious eater”, and a supporter of the slow foods movement. Georgie is very happy to be working in an environment that promotes sustainability in agriculture and food production.

“I find it personally important to eat well and not leave a huge footprint.”

Because she herself has food allergies, she’s learned that “you have to do the research yourself”, referring to herself as a “big reader”. “My hobby is researching food issues,” she states matter-of-factly, and that hobby has made her an invaluable member of the Morden’s Organic Farm Store retail team. She is happy and willing to discuss her findings with customers, who often seek her out as the resident “fish expert”.

Because of allergies, she doesn’t eat dairy, eggs, beans or wheat. Her aim is to eat organic meat and fish from responsible sources, to be a “conscious” eater. But she also describes herself as “realistic”.

“I’m optimistic about food,” she says with a laugh. The culture of health food is something that Georgie has embraced for some time now.

Georgie grew up in BC, on Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island. She spent her youth in Hamilton and then moved back to Victoria for 15 years. She worked in a health food store in Vancouver for two years, one year as produce manager.

As “the resident fish expert” at Morden’s, Georgie is happy to offer her knowledge to consumers, including her personal insight into fish from her research in food sustainability.
Deb has the distinction of being Sandy’s longest employee, “more than 20 years off and on – mostly on!” she admits with a laugh. She has done pretty well everything – gardening, delivery, order taking, as she describes it, “from farm to store, and everything in-between”. She was “there at the beginning, every Saturday morning". Clients picking up produce shares kept enquiring about other products that Sandy was selling including rennet-free cheese, the organic and wild meats, the pastured eggs.

“I admire Sandy’s vision,” Deb states simply, explaining why she’s stuck around for so long. Deb describes herself as “mostly vegetarian” although she spent a year and a half on a strict Raw Food (Living Foods) diet in a successful attempt to overcome some food addictions, also losing unwanted pounds in the process. Looking at this lean woman, you would never guess that she once had a weight problem.

Deb has now become a Holistic Food Instructor and continues her studies of the emotional component to fitness and disease. "Cellular memory is important,” she maintains. “You can eat all the health food you want but you also have to deal with emotions.” To that end, she has become a journey practitioner for “Trauma Release Therapy”, based on The Journey, by Brandon Bays.
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